Web App & API Technology

Web Apps

Like an app, just online – Web Apps are a complete system that ties together multiple things happening within your business. They automate, refine and boost your business process.

Enquire about our two web app products, or have one developed based on your specific needs.


Swift is a fully bespoke web app for start ups and new companies.
It provides a lean & efficient way to run the business.


Scale is for high growth & mature companies.
It is growth focused, helping reorganisation, scaling and refining processes.

Your custom app

The chances are, your business is using a lot of different web services to help run things. Most of the time you’ll be paying a lot, they won’t be exactly what you need or they overlap.
Web apps help you future proof your company by giving you a serving of high quality bespoke technology.
By tying in all your business processes into one place, and then some more for the future, you can guide your company to where you’d love it to go.
After that, you can say you manage a tech company.

Get in front of those who encounter your business

Whether we build you an integrated platform for your customers or a system for your staff to use, you do want to deliver the right experience.
Putting the technology in your business on phones is the future, with now more people using their phones than computers.
By focusing on mobile first web app development, we allow you to influence the app experience so users act to benefit your business goals.

All our web apps are built bespoke

We will work very closely with you to research, survey, plan, design & develop a bespoke product.
All our apps are built ground up, and are always desgined for further possible work in the future.

Highly quality and well designed back-end code complements impressive front-end design to give you what you want.

We guarantee security, speed and scalability

We call these the three “S” words that are imperative to any web technology we provide.
As your business needs and relies on this technology, we ensure that your app is safe and load quickly.
As more users run your web app we ensure that it can handle the demand, and also ensure that don’t get over charged when the usage is lower than expected.


    Chat with us about your digital needs and we’ll provide free analysis


    Sharing your current business data in the right way can bring you inumerable benefits.

    APIs are concise, specific applicatons that use your existing business set up to provide new revenue streams, increased public exposure, reduced staff hours and much more.

    Custom API build

    Deploying an API is en economic way of modernising your business. It can revolutionise your organisation, revenue streams and marketing power.
    By harnessing data you already have flowing through the business, your custom API utilises it in the most appropriate way.
    Your API will be researched with a bespoke design and fully custom development, so your business goals are always at the forefront.

    Request a free consultation to determine exactly how technology like this can springboard your company.


    Our curated API product is designed for those with an ecommerce business.

    APIs take things already happening in your business and magnify the benefits

    Your business already has data, connections to people and a reputation.
    Using technology, you can build on these in ways that were not possible before.

    An API takes what is already happening and builds on it or uses it in a way different to before, generating new and exciting revenue streams.

    All our APIs are thoroughly researched, designed and developed

    During design and development we abide by high standards.
    Prior to the design stage we embark on comprehensive research to ensure your API’s function is the best for your business.
    All our technology is designed with user and business goals in mind, and to ensure consistency with your brand.
    High quality development practices mean your business technology can be built on in the future.


      Chat with us about your digital needs and we’ll provide free analysis

      What are your digital needs?