Branding & Logo Design


We work with a small group of trusted, experienced and highly effective branding consultants.

For new companies

As you are developing a new company a lot of exciting energies and ideas are kicking about.
We harness that and help you refine it, focus and therefore plan your brand for growth.


As your company matures it will inevitably need to rebrand, and it is most definitely a sign of your longevity!

We’ll work closely with you to keep the important things that matter, tweak what needs refining and bring in anything new for your next chapter.

Purpose, vision & values

Our starting point during branding is to refine exactly what drives you, where you want to get there and how you want to do it.
Determining the essence of your brand in this way means that everything built going forward carries the same strong meaning.

Colour pack

We’ll work with you to refine the colours that represent your brand. If you have any colours you definitely do or don’t want to be included, we’ll work with that.
All our colour palettes presented to you are based on a foundation of strong colour theory, and we’ll work with you to select the best colours.


It matters what people think and feel when they read your website and print media.
The font that people see can help to effect the emotions and actions you want to evoke. We’ll help you develop the best set of fonts for your brand, and then assist you in establishing them within your brand pack.

Style accents

Using repeated styling elements that represent your strong branding can have huge benefits for your company. We’ll involve our graphic design team in your brand development to create style accent images and vectors to use throughout your website and print media.


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    Logo Design

    This service is an in depth evaluation of the business branding, after which we can deploy our effective graphic design team.

    We’ll create as many iterations, A/B test and use focus surveys as necessary.

    Future proofed logos

    Logo design with Artistica Digital does more than just modernising your business branding.

    By combining your amibtions with cutting edge design practices we create a potent emblem for your business future.

    Your comapany’s values

    Logo design goes hand in hand with branding and rebranding. During our process we’ll your build on company’s purpose, vision and values to inform the design.

    The eventual logo will endeavour to implant these within those who encounter your brand.

    Logo goals

    Behind into your logo, built into the design, are the goals for your brand and your business. We’ll work closely with you on a brief that gives us the tools to create a spectacular design.

    Iterations of logo options for your perusal should always reach the logo goals.

    Design explorations

    During the design process we create explorations and perform research to help us with inspiration and ideation.
    You can be as involved as you like in this stage, and we will always use these explorations to showcase what we have been working on.


    When final logo options are presented we let the subjective experience of viewing the designs be supported by objective reason behind the styling.
    All the research, ideation, design practices and testing feeds into this. It provides evidence of how the designs will sit with your target audience.


      Chat with us about your digital needs and we’ll provide free analysis

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