Our Approach

Our history has given us a business focus. We equip all our websites with the possibility to track site performance, visitor actions, KPIs and conversions from your website.

The culture of Artistica runs through every part of the agency.

We have developed an ethos that all of our staff are invested in:

  • Creating impressive, game-changing websites
  • Doing so efficiently to pass savings onto our clients

Our founders, the whole team and our clients are absolutely certain of the need for a revolution in digital creative design.

Everything we undertake we do so with a belief in the final masterpiece and strong sense that it should be created to the highest standard. Everyone who might be in some way involved in your project will bring with them the positive values of Artistica.

Innovation is what we do best at Artistica.

We don’t shrug our shoulders and accept the status quo, especially if it doesn’t fit in with your design and business goals. Alongside creation, communication, conviction (and other -tions), we will always innovate to exceed what you want from a website.

Our History

Artistica Digital was Founded to democratise web design.

Started from a company in Edinburgh. Our originating philosophy was to bring design to everyone by helping to reduce the bloated work involved in web design projects. By democratising website design, this allows those just starting out with their businesses to have a website. This founding ethos is with us today.
Our company expanded with main operating bases in Edinburgh, London and Los Angeles. During this period a lot of our designers and developers worked remotely, meaning we provided web design and development for businesses and organisations across the world.

Our goal is to become the city’s primary digital agency.

Learning from our experience working with companies all over the world we provide ways for our clients to use their website for business development. Using client tracking, key performance measurement and conversion analysis. This ensures that our clients make the most of their business website.
Our efforts are focussing on providing the businesses, organisations and people of Edinburgh with web design and development. From our office on George St, Edinburgh, we are growing our client base and our business locally.
What are your digital needs?