Artistica Digital

Who We Are

Our goal is to become Edinburgh’s primary digital design agency

Artistica Digital has its roots in an Edinburgh digital agency, SM Creative Design. It was founded to democratise web design – bringing impressive and modern to all, not just those willing to spend thousands.

Democratised Design: Impressive Design Available to All

From this philosophy a set of efficient processes was born, reducing the unnecessarily bloated work often involved in web design projects.


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What We Do Best

Website Development

Mobile First

Focused on business


Web Apps

Branding and print design

Branding & Rebranding

Logo Design

Business Card Design

Leaflet Design & Delivery

Marketing & SEO

Marketing Guides Included

Tracking & Analytics as Standard

Cutting Edge SEO

Digital Marketing on Your Behalf

Business Features

Your Business Goals Prioritised

Customer Analysis & Visitor Insights

Receive ROI from Your Site

KPI Focus Included from Design Stages Up

Why Choose Us

Business-Focussed Websites

We are a web design agency with experience in business development.

We put your business goals at the forefront of our design process, so that your site can have a much bigger impact on your business.
We know how to integrate your business goals into the features and functions of your site.

Design Available to All

Choosing Artistica means getting a company invested in everybody.

We have affordable website design options featuring intelligent and eye-catching design, so those on a much smaller budget can have a great looking site.

Our future lies in helping everyone gain a significant online presence.

Experienced Designers & Developers

Our designers know about development, and developers know about design.
They know how to translate your ideas into reality.

Our designers and developers are experienced, meaning projects are done efficiently and professionally, and guidance for you is never far away.

An Emphasis on Efficiency

There can be an awful lot of hassle, bloated costs and inefficiency in website design.

Are we are having none of it!
We have spent a lot of effort reducing the inefficiency in our design and development process. With us, you get costs that reflect the solid work on your project.

Design Integration

Are you looking for logo design, branding and print media design?

If you are branding or rebranding your company along with getting a new site, we have services to integrate all.

Our print designers and branding agents can help you get it all going in one go, so that everything you need to get started is done together.

A Local Team

Our goal is to become Edinburgh’s primary digital design agency.

Our office is based in the city centre of Edinburgh, located on George Street.
Visit us and we can talk through your ideas in person.